SPA Petrol Retail Refresher Training


Safety Passport Petrol Retail Refresher Training

SPA Passports have a three year expiry date. After the successful completion of the two day Core and sector course a passport will be issued with a three year expiry date.

Pre-Course Preparation

Designed for all staff already holding a valid safety passport that requires renewing. This must be done within a 6 month window prior to the expiry date of their Safety Passport. Delegates must bring their existing SPA/UKPIA Safety Passport card to the course. There is no longer a requirement for delegates to bring passport-sized photos with them.

Course Content

This newly revised refresher course has been designed to follow “A Safe Day In Your Life In The Petrol Industry” detailing a contractors working day:

  • Start of day preparation
  • Drive, Arrive, Take 5, Stay Alive
  • Booking in
  • Communication (two way)
  • Task and site hazards
  • Doing the job safely
  • Environment and waste
  • Completing the correct paperwork
  • Task execution (this will be a group exercise – 360ยบ hazard spotting)
  • Completion and hand back


1 Day


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Delegates successfully completing the course will receive a tamper-proof ‘Holocote’ SPA Safety Passport card which is valid for a further three years.