Risk Assessment Principles and Practice

Risk Assessment Principles and Practice

Course designed to provide a thorough understanding of the categories of accidents, ill health and the benefits of good Health & Safety Management.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone with the responsibility to conduct risk assessments. Particularly useful for managers and supervisors, but equally beneficial to individual workers, team leaders, technicians or any other personnel contributing to the risk assessment process.

Course Aims

This course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure supervisors and managers have the depth of understanding to enable them to carry out risk assessments.

Course Agenda

• The main causes of injuries and ill health and the need for their prevention
• Costs of accidents and ill health to employers, employees and society
• Accidents and occupational Health and Safety
• The Accident Triangle
• Occupational, environmental and human factors
• The reasons for using Risk Assessments
• Hazard, Risks and Control Measures
• Prioritising Risks
• Personnel who should be involved in a Risk Assessment Programme
• Health & Safety at Work Act
• The Management of Health & safety at Work Regulations


• Risk Assessment in Practice


The total guided learning time to cover both the syllabus content and the assessment is 20 hours.
The taught syllabus is covered in one day, the remaining time will be spent preparing your individual assignment in your own work environment prior to submission.
Carry out a risk assessment study on a workplace and / or work activity(ies) and produce a report on your methods and findings.

Your report must include the following:
• A clear description of the workplace or work activity(ies) to be assessed.
• An explanation of the principles of risk assessment and the reasons for carrying out risk assessments.
• An explanation of the legal requirements for risk assessment and how these relate to the particular workplace and / or work activity(ies).

Your report must clearly address the four performance criteria used for assessment:
1. Knowledge and Understanding of the principles of risk assessment.
2. Knowledge and understanding of the legal requirements relating to risk assessment.
3. Risk assessment in practice.
4. Overall approach and presentation of the report.