Other Specialist Support Services

Other Specialist Support Services

ISO 45001 Internal Audit Support

ISO 45001 certification is a professional certification that boost organization’s reputation by demonstrating that they hold a certified Occupational Health and Safety Management System. An effective Occupational Health and Safety Management System promotes a safe and healthy working environment, by providing a framework that allows your organization to identify and control its OHSMS and improve the overall performance.

Validating the ISO 45001 compliance with an independent Company like Trebol Limited, can help your company demonstrate commitment in maintaining an effective Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Benefits of ISO 45001 certification to your organization:

  • Eliminates or minimizes risk to employees
  • Contributes in a healthier and safer working environment
  • Demonstrates confidence in your organization
  • Reduces downtime risks through on-site accidents
  • Ensures legislative and regulatory compliance
  • Reduces the likelihood of prosecutions and fines
  • Greater involvement in environmental safety from employees
  • Increases stakeholder confidence with internationally acknowledged standard
  • Promotes new effective procedures and processes

Benefits of ISO 45001 certification to your customers:

  • Improved quality and of services
  • Established trust and credibility
  • Reduced complaints
  • Reassures customers who take an active interest in environmental performance that they are working with a company which promotes a shared environmental ethics

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Interim Management Consultancy

An Interim Manager allows for a greater degree of flexibility. If a critical position has been vacated, at short notice, an Interim Manager can fill the position to ensure continuity whilst the position is filled, which can often take months. Areas that Trebol Limited specialises in are as follows:

Operations Consultancy

An operations process is vital to an organisation’s flow and ability to deliver on its customer promises.  If the operation goes wrong, it will lead to a poor customer experience.

Trebol Limited can provide a complete evaluation of your operational process, whether it be route planning, shift structure, throughput and handling processes, etc., providing an objective view point in identifying improvement areas, process flows and sustainable solutions.

Human Resource Support

Trebol Limited’s HR Support package is an independent human resources specialist providing outsourced HR support to small and medium-sized companies in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties.

Our aim is to work alongside our clients to provide a flexible, straightforward and practical HR service that is right for them.

Whether you want to just ensure that you are legally compliant, we can advise you.  If you need to address or resolve an HR issue, or you simply require on-going support on a range of projects, we can support you.

Administration Assistance

Trebol can provide a variety of services to ensure that your paperwork complies with current legislation.  We can oversee your procedural compliance, for example, Tachograph usage, Defect Reporting, Risk Assessment Requirements, etc.