Operator Licence Compliance


Operator Licence Compliance

When you are operating HGV goods vehicles within the UK, having an Operators licence which is granted by the Traffic Commissioners is critical to the legal running of your business. Trebol has concrete knowledge of the industry and can offer clear advice and services to businesses.

Operator Licence Compliance Reviews

Health Check Review

Operating HGV goods vehicles, you are constantly at risk of legal action being taken against you if you fail to comply with the undertakings you gave when applying for your Operator Licence. To help avoid any such action Trebol can complete a well tested System and Procedural Audit which will give you peace of mind and the assurance that your obligations are being met.

Our Systems and Procedures Audit is designed to check that you comply with the wide range of legislation that applies to you as a road haulier. You will receive a report on our findings together with easy-to-understand guidance on how to deal with any areas where improvement may be necessary.  We can implement the suggestions on your behalf on a consultancy basis or you can follow the suggested actions.  We believe proactively managing your transport services can help avoid unnecessary attention from VOSA.

The Audit includes checks on:


Operator’s licence: details on the licence, the type of licence, conditions attached, adequate margins, vehicle inspection intervals etc.

Insurance requirements and supplier contracts: are there valid insurance certificates for motor vehicles, Employer’s & Public Liability, goods-in-transit etc?

Employment matters including contracts of employment: is a job application form in use, are driver licences and qualifications confirmed, are agency drivers checked, have written terms and conditions of employment been issued etc?

Health and Safety: does the company have a written health and safety policy, procedures and risk assessments etc?

Maintenance arrangement and facilities: are systems in place as recommended in the Guide to Maintaining Road worthiness, i.e. defect reporting, brake testing, tyre depth and smoke emission checks etc?

Management controls for Drivers’ Hours, Road Transport (Working Time) Regulations, the Tachograph and Speed Limiters: are procedures in place for checking tachograph records and dealing with any infringements etc?

Operational issues such as Drivers’ Licences and Overloading: are driver licence checks carried out, are procedures in place to prevent overloading etc?