SPA Petrol Retail Safety Passport Training

Otherwise known as UKPIA training, is a mandatory requirement for anyone working on petrol forecourts.  Why is it required?  The simple answer is that petrol forecourts pose a number of unique dangers and contractors MUST make sure they understand how their activities could have disastrous affects.  It must equally be noted that the “core-day” of the UKPIA training is applicable for all industries and should be considered one of the best ways to avoid unnecessary incidents.

Without specific H&S training, can we be certain that employees’ understand the risks and can “we” collectively feel confident that our own safety is not being compromised? If the answer is no, than training make sense.

We have more than 20-years experience and feel extremely confident that our approach makes Health and Safety training enjoyable and very informative.  Our approach is the best way of breaking down the negative perceptions that people have relating to H&S.