POSITIVE & PROACTIVE Health and Safety Culture can SAVE MONEY

Whilst we appreciate that daily operational demands makes it difficult to constantly focus on H&S, we feel establishing a “principle led” approach will help ensure employees’ understand their obligations to comply with their employer and to look after themselves and their colleagues.  Employers’ operating a “rule based” approach are more exposed to an incident, because the workforce may not understand how to identify the hazards and introduce workable control measures.  Unfortunately, the below highlights where unnecessary risks being taken resulted in significant penalties for the employer.  The below £250,000 fine isn’t the total costs of this failure.  The HSE also applies an investigation cost and lets not forget the corporate repute cost.

“A London firm has been ordered to pay more than £250,000 in fines and costs for safety failings after a worker was killed by a large concrete beam during a dangerous lifting operation in strong winds at a hospital construction site in Essex.  HSE concluded that there was inadequate planning and supervision of the work. Had a suitable management procedure been in place and followed there would have been the opportunity to properly consider the deteriorating weather conditions and then take the tower cranes out of operation”.

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