Why are Health and Safety Priniciples considered counterproductive?

We have been involved in a number of industries over the years and have come across organizations that take their responsibilities seriously and others that don’t.

Most of our encounters consist of difficulties understanding behavioural science’s, which is what H&S is all about.  Changing practices that are safe versus conducting duties as they always have been.  The common example of this relates to seatbelt use.  30-years ago, we didn’t wear them, but we do religiously now – HOPEFULLY.  Therefore, our collective behaviour has changed.

All “we” need to do is to adopt new practices that are safe versus taking unnecessary risk.  That is why the below areas need to be considered when examining work practices:

Habits / superstitions, Managements attitudes, Addiction – to mind and/or mood changing drugs, ‘Learned behaviour’ – ‘conditioning’, Poor or lack of training, Stress or illness, Motivation – the satisfaction of needs, Values, beliefs, attitudes and perceptions.

We cannot continue to compromise  our own safety and the safety of our colleagues when at work.  If we do, then we collectively suffer the consequences.